IMVAC Bookstore

IMVAC is proud to host the IMVAC Bookstore, featuring a wide selection of books on vibration analysis, the other condition monitoring technologies, and maintenance and reliability. Attendees will have the option to purchase books at a discounted rate from Industrial Press in eBook format. Physical copies of books are available through Industrial Press, with cost of shipping.

About Industrial Press

Relying on a group of widely-known and respected authors from around the world, Industrial Press, Inc. (“IP”) offers what is arguably the most extensive list of maintenance and reliability book titles of any publisher. From best practices, performing shutdowns and outages, executing a balanced scorecard, covering the financial approach of total productive maintenance, mastering spare parts and inventory management to risk and reliability strategies, asset management, machine maintenance, and overall equipment effectiveness, IP covers the subject thoroughly and effectively.  Known for our flagship product, the Machinery’s Handbook, now in its 30th edition, IP also offers essential titles in areas such as machinery, tools, engineering, CAD/CAM and supply chain management, among others. Some of the featured books at IMVAC are:

For a list of all Industrial Press books, please visit their website.